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Teen Counseling

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Adults will try to tell you that your teen-age years are the best years of your life. Doesn't often feel that way, does it?

The teen years can be fun, with new freedoms and possibilities that are open to you. The teen years also can be trying as more responsibility comes with freedom, parents and teachers demand more from you, and you begin making choices that may effect the rest of your life.

Sometimes, you just need to talk with someone who can be objective and supportive of you. Someone who will not judge you. You may have some serious problems such as addictions, depression, anger, or anxiety If so, counseling may be the perfect opportunity to make longlasting, effective changes to improve your life.

During counseling sessions, we will explore what is happening in your life and determine the root of your troubles. We will look at look at what is working for you and what isn't. Working as a team, we can gain insight into your problems and develop clear, workable solutions to them. You will develop life and communication skills that you will be able to use the rest of your life.

Our primary job as your counselor is to be a guide and to provide you a safe place where you can do your work. I may shine lights into dark corners and suggest paths we should follow, but it is your journey and we will only go where you are ready and willing to go.

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