About Our Services and Fees

We are so grateful that you have chosen us to help you/your child. We are committed to your success and growth. To that end, we will always strive to maintain a safe, open, honest environment in therapy, including honesty around what you may expect to pay. The decision about what to work on in therapy and whether you remain in therapy is always yours.

That being said, the federal government is requiring that as of Jan 1, 2022, mental health therapists comply with the No Surpises Act, which was finalized October, 2021.

Please note the intention of this law is to prevent consumers who go to a facility where you work with multiple providers (like a surgical center or emergency room) from being surprised by bills from out of network providers that they were not aware of or they did not have a choice in selecting.

To comply with the spirit of the law and our own sense of honesty and ethics, we want you to know a few things:

  • We will tell you your therapist's fee per session at the time you call to book your first appointment.
  • We will send you a digital copy of the Good Faith Estimate and you can have a paper copy of it as well.
  • It is more reasonable to provide a cost estimate for an endoscopy or to repair a broken ankle than it is for your therapist to tell you how many sessions will be needed to achieve your goals. However, your theraist should tell you about how long you can expect to be in therapy or how often he or she advises you attend sessions. You are free to follow your therapist's recommendations or not.

If you have any questions, you always have the right to discuss fees with your therapist or our CEO, Terri Abraham (770-415-0880).

Click on your therapis's name to see a copy of his or her Good Faith Estimate:

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