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Grief Group Starting in January

"Grief, no matter where it comes from, can only be resolved by connecting to other people." - Thomas Horn  There is no one way to ...

Does your loved one have a Substance Use Disorder?

When a loved one begins acting in unhealthy ways that are out of character, you may consider whether they are suffering from an addiction ...

When Someone You Love May Be Suicidal

The recent suicides by celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have brought into our awareness that suicide can affect anyone. Statistics show that suicide ...

Feeling All Your Feelings

All feelings are important Riiiip! I don't think there's a more satisfying sound than weeds being ripped from the ground by their roots. I've ...
Eastern family

Improving your Family Relationships

Going home for the holidays and dreading that there will be no change in your family relationships? Does your significant other ever accuse you ...
stubborn man

Stop Trying to Reason with Unreasonable People

Seriously. Stop it. It doesn’t work. They don’t get it. And it’s making you miserable. I see it all the time in my practice. Clients struggle ...
angry woman

Are You Dealing with an Unreasonable Person?

Last week, I suggested that a way to be more at peace and content in your life would be to stop trying to be ...
poor rose bush

Surrendering to Win (or how I lost the first blooms but not the bush)

Sadly, these are my new roses, victims of the deer that roam my neighborhood. And victims of my own denial. In spite of the ...
individual counseling

Surrender to Win

So, you finally admit to yourself that you can’t make your loved one change. Now what do you do? For many of us it ...
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