Bruno Abraham


Bruno Abraham is an 80-lb Pit Bull Mix who had a rough start to life, having been abandoned as a puppy and left to fend for himself on the streets. However, fate had a different plan for Bruno. He was found, wandering and hungry, in July 2022 by two very loving sisters. The girls had big dogs of their own so they needed to find him a new home quickly. When he met our owner, Terri Abraham, it was love at first sight and Bruno found his forever home. Bruno is eager to please and ready to cuddle.

Terri and Bruno have been trained by OTCK9 Academy and he is just shy of passing his AKC Canine Good Citizen training and he will be free to begin his job as a therapy dog.

Therapy dogs is a special designation for dogs who are loving and empathic and enjoy sitting with people who need to feel the unconditional acceptance and attention that a good dog can give. Unlike Support Dogs who work with disabled persons to perform specific tasks and should be left alone to do their jobs, therapy dogs are good at sitting quietly and love being loved on. Also unlike Emotional Support Animals, therapy dogs and their owners undergo training in being a Good Citizen and serve a number of therapy hours before they receive the designation of Certified Therapy Dog.

Bruno is a great example of how in spite of difficult circumstances, you can survive and thrive if you are given love, care, and a chance to grow and develop. Second chances (and third, and fourth) are possible.

If you see Bruno and Terri in the office, just ask and most likely he will be very happy to say hello.

PLEASE CALL: 770-415-0880

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