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Is It ADHD or Anxiety? What A Parent Needs to Know

Today’s blog is written by Laura Williams, LAPC. Laura is a child therapist at the Marietta West Cobb Counseling Center and specializes in working with children from age 2 – age 13. ADHD and anxiety disorders are some of most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in children and teens. Do you think you can tell…

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Does your loved one have a Substance Use Disorder?

When a loved one begins acting in unhealthy ways that are out of character, you may consider whether they are suffering from an addiction (meaning they are dependent) or abuse (meaning they not dependent but use is creating problems) disorder. Here are some warning signs you may notice to help you in deciding when to…

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Improving your Family Relationships

Eastern family

Going home for the holidays and dreading that there will be no change in your family relationships? Does your significant other ever accuse you of becoming someone he or she doesn’t recognize when you’re with your family? Maybe you’re reverting to an old and familiar role… In most families, we each play a role. In…

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