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Communication Tips to Get Your Child Talking

Today’s blog post about communication with your child is written by our child therapist, Amy Rozett, LPC, RPT. Amy has some good tips for encouraging your child to speak more freely with you. Ever noticed that your child or teen clams up when you ask about their day….their friends…their lives?  Learning to be a better…

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Is Negative Thinking Controlling You?

Clients often try to deny their emotions because they believe they should not feel the way they do. As a therapist, I encourage clients to accept their feelings and I try to validate them because, as I tell them, if everything you’re telling yourself right now is true, then of course you feel the way…

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Since we just switched to Daylight Savings Time, I know that many of us are having difficulty falling asleep. Perhaps your sleep patterns are off. I think this blog post from our therapist, Aisha Brady, LMSW, about how to set the stage for a good night’s sleep can help! Are you having difficulty falling asleep?…

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Is It ADHD or Anxiety? What A Parent Needs to Know

Today’s blog is written by Laura Williams, LAPC. Laura is a child therapist at the Marietta West Cobb Counseling Center and specializes in working with children from age 2 – age 13. ADHD and anxiety disorders are some of most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in children and teens. Do you think you can tell…

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Why Choose Play Therapy?

Today’s post is written by the newest therapist to join our practice, Amy Rozett, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist. Here is what Amy has to say about Play Therapy: Is Play Therapy Right for My Child? As a parent, you want what is best for your child and want to give…

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Grief Group Starting in January

“Grief, no matter where it comes from, can only be resolved by connecting to other people.” – Thomas Horn  There is no one way to mourn a loss. And the pain and suffering of losing a loved one can be one of the hardest things we experience and life. Continuing to move on and live your…

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When Someone You Love May Be Suicidal

The recent suicides by celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have brought into our awareness that suicide can affect anyone. Statistics show that suicide rates are rising dramatically. People are being urged to reach out if they need help but if someone reaches out to you, would you know what to do? If you are…

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Surrender to Win

individual counseling

So, you finally admit to yourself that you can’t make your loved one change. Now what do you do? For many of us it seems that our only option is to stay stuck in a miserable rut. My client, Rob, thought that. A widower for 10 years, he discovered about 5 years ago daughter began…

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