Child Counseling

Does my Child Need Counseling?

Sometimes it is difficult to know when your child is going through a difficult phase (eg, changing schools or a best friend moved away) that you can give support and time to work out and when you need to seek professional help.

Following are times when you should seek therapy:

  • When it has gone on for some time with no improvement
  • When your child's behavior is causing trouble at school or disrupting the home
  • When your child is hurting himself or others (such as cutting)
  • If you are concerned your child has an eating disorder
  • If there is a history of mental illness in the family


When your child comes to counseling, your therapist will meet with one or more parents, gather history, and determine needed changes. Then we will meet with the child to determine if they are experiencing depression, anxiety, or other disorders such as post-traumatic stress, assess their functioning and needs. Depending on the child's age and level of development, your therapist will develop a treatment plan that will include talk therapy, play therapy techniques, art therapy, or other modalities as needed.

Your child will find a safe place to express his or her feelings, learn coping skills, and increase their self confidence as they learn to solve their problems and manage their emotions and behaviors. In addition, your therapist may work with parents or other family members to help provide support and encouragement to the family.

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