Powder Springs Individual Counseling For Adults

We may shine lights into dark corners and suggest paths you could follow

Are you having sleepless nights because of depression, stress and anxiety, or worry about your own or a loved one's addiction? Are you and your family stuck in a bad pattern that never seems to change no matter how hard you try? Maybe you're going through a crisis right now and just need someone to listen and help you through this rough patch. If so, individual counseling may be the perfect opportunity to make long-lasting, effective changes to improve your life.

During counseling sessions at Powder Springs Counseling Center of Powder Springs GA, we listen to you and learn what you want and need, what you fear and what you hope for. We can help uncover the sources of your troubles, evaluate what is working for you and what isn't. Working together, we help you develop clear, workable solutions to reach your goals.


Our primary job as your counselor is to be a guide and to provide you a safe place where you can do your work. We may shine lights into dark corners and suggest paths you could follow, but it is your journey and we will only go where you are ready and willing to go.

We are a staff of state-licensed, board-Certified Therapists in Marietta GA that base our work on scientifically proven and well-researched therapeutic techniques.

We are dedicated to helping our clients' long-term success. We believe in individualized care based on your personal goals and aspirations.


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