Couples Counseling

  • Are you and your partner talking less and less?
  • Is something missing in your relationship?
  • Are either of you looking for that missing something outside your marriage?
  • Are there problems that just never get resolved and any attempts to talk them out end in stony silence or explosive arguments?
  • Is one of you labeled "the problem" when, really, you know there's an underlying issue that you don't want to discuss?

Counseling will help you and your partner talking again, gain a better understanding of each other, and help you move forward.

During counseling sessions, we will explore what is happening in the relationship and determine what is working and what isn't. Working as a team, we can gain insight into your problems and develop clear, workable solutions to them.

When working with a family or a couple, we view the relationship as the client and focus work to improving the dynamics between you and your loved ones. We generally begin our work by learning how to better communicate with and understand each other. By creating an environment where you can be heard and accepted and learn to hear and accept others, an atmosphere of trust is established, where you are more comfortable sharing who you are with your loved ones.

Please Note: Insurance will pay for services based on medical necessity. They will not pay for couples counseling that only addresses relationship issues. There would have to be an identified client within the couple with a diagnosable condition. The couple could then receive counseling, but the focus of the treatment would have to address the identified client’s issues. Because of these limits, we only provide couples counseling at your therapist's out-of-pocket (self-pay) rate.

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