Parenting with Positive Discipline

parenting with positive discipline is collaborativeBased on the book, Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson, EdD, Parenting with Positive Discipline teaches parents and caregivers to help your children become:

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Resourceful.

In short, Parenting with Positive Discipline helps your children become healthy adults and good citizens. This program is for parents of children of all ages, from toddler through the teen years. It consists of two 3-week installments., The Basics and Advanced Skills. These programs teach you skills that help you be kind but firm and help your child to feel connected and valued rather than shamed. The principles of Positive Discipline are these:

  1. Be Kind and Firm at the same time.
  2. Help children feel a sense of Belonging and Significance.
  3. Use techniques that are Effective Long-Term.
  4. Teach valuable Social and Life Skills for good character.
  5. Invite children to discover how Capable they are and to use their personal power in constructive ways.

Hannah Reed is teaching the Parenting with Positive Discipline program at Mareitta West Cobb Counseling Center in 2021. Please join Hannah for a free one-hour introductory session to learn more about this widely taught, well-researched program that has been proven effective to help children grow and learn. This program works for children from the toddler through teen years.

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