Taking Responsibility in a Codependent Relationship

You know the worst thing about living alone? When you misplace something, you have no one to blame but yourself. I was looking for my headphones the other day. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a single pair and more frustrated I had no one to blame but me! That got me thinking about…

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When Helping Hurts – Enabling the Addiction of Your Child

When I was a beginning therapist and working in community mental health, I witnessed an example of what happens when families fall victim to enabling the addiction of their children. One of our services to the community was to help complete the paperwork for involuntarily hospitalization for a loved one’s treatment. Two families came in…

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Improving your Family Relationships

Eastern family

Going home for the holidays and dreading that there will be no change in your family relationships? Does your significant other ever accuse you of becoming someone he or she doesn’t recognize when you’re with your family? Maybe you’re reverting to an old and familiar role… In most families, we each play a role. In…

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